Season Preview: Women's Track & Field Primed For Success in 2019

Season Preview: Women's Track & Field Primed For Success in 2019

The 2019 track and field season has arrived, and the Amherst women's team is ready to contend with the best as they return a strong veteran presence that helped secure five top-five finishes a year ago in addition to adding a talented group of 12 newcomers.

"Last year was a year of major change in so many ways for this team, but they were committed to the process of making a great program. This year the team has a much more secure sense of what to expect and the direction they are going," said head coach Stephen Rubin who enters his second season at the helm of the program. "Our returners have provided outstanding leadership to create a culture and set of standards that will take us where we want to go. The first-year students have shown that they can make an immediate and significant competitive impact.  With all of that put together, I expect this team to start showing the NESCAC and the NCAA who they are going to be from this point forward."

The indoor season kicks off on Saturday, Jan. 12 with the Mammoths traveling to Wesleyan University for the Little III Championships. 


Isabel Balcezak '19

Maya Bhandari '20

Molly Carleton '19

Katie Crum '21

Sylvia Frank '20

Sarah Gayer '21               

Haley Greene '21

Jenny Mazzella '20

Olivia Moehl '20

Debbie Newmark '19

Lexi Perez Stern '19

Olivia Polischeck '21

Kristin Ratliff '20

Paige Reddington '21

Veronica Rocco '19

Rachel Ruderman '21

Christina Scartelli '19

Rubii Tamen '19

Lela Walter '19



Julia Asin '19
Jordan Bailey-Rhodeman '21

Anna Buford '20
Sophia Friedman '21

Grace Haase '21

Katherine Hom '19 (Sprints, Mid-Distance)




Caroline Ferguson-Dryden '20

Emily Flaherty '19

Dana Frishman  '21 (Jumps, Sprints)

Annabelle Gary '20 (Jumps, Hurdles)

Lizzie Kobelski '20 (Hurdles, Jumps)

Kasia Krosniak '21

Lauren Lamb '21 (Hurdles)

Isabel Park '20 (Jumps, Sprints)

Ella Rossa '21 (Jumps, Hurdles)

Kaitlyn Siegel '20

Yrenly Yuan '19



In addition to last year's returners, the Mammoth also welcome 12 newcomers, including: Sam Tichelaar '22, Annelise Romero '22, Yaa Obeng '22, Anna Madden '22, Isabelle Lobo '22, Kathryn Lingen '22, Grace LeCates '22, Eline Laurent '22, Juanita Jaramillo '22, Frances Margaret Gehrke '22, Maggie Drew '22, and Julia Doubson '22.