Track Teams Continue Winter Slate at Wesleyan, Boston Universities

BOSTON, MA/MIDDLETOWN, CT - Select members of the Amherst College women's track and field team competed against stiff competition at the Boston University Terrier Invitational this past Friday, while several members of the Lord Jeff men's and women's teams competed at the Wesleyan Invitational on Saturday.

Senior co-captain Heather Wilson (Danvers, MA) and junior Elise Tropiano (Plainview, NY) travled to Boston to face difficult competition from Divisions I, II and III in the 5,000-Meter Run. Both Amherst runners performed extremely well and placed in the top 10, with Wilson finishing fifth with a time of 17 minutes and 17.04 seconds and Tropiano crossing the line just 16 seconds later in ninth place.

Saturday featured several strong Amherst performances at the Wesleyan Invitational, with the Lord Jeffs taking home a trio of first-place finishes. On the women's side, the Amherst 'A' group finished the distance medley in under 13 minutes for the top spot, while junior Liz Dalton (Wayne, PA) won the 3,000-Meter Run in 10:57.08 with sophomore Catherine Knuff (Fairfield, CT) nipping at her heels with a second-place time of 10:57.84. Sophomore Jimmy Swanson (New Orleans, LA) finished the 1,000-Meter Run in a time of 2:37.17 to pick up the men's lone victory on the day. 





Boston University Terrier 
Invitational – Jan. 25, 2008 

Women's 5,000-Meter Run
5th - Elise Tropiano (17:17.04)
9th – Heather Wilson (17:33.36)
Wesleyan University 
Invitational II – Jan. 26, 2008

Women's 200-Meter Dash
9th – Mattie Baker (28.92)
11th – Emily Dick (29.19)
25th – Kathryn Loomis (30.11)
Women's 1-Mile Run
4th – Hallie Schwab (5:27.70)
9th – Katie Moravec (5:33.94)
13th – Melissa Pritchard (5:56.66)
Women's 500-Meter Run
2nd – Carly Levenson (1:20.44)
4th – Kate Silverman (1:24.25)
9th – Mariana Palacios (1:26.65)
13th – Zoe Pagonis (1:28.78)
Women's 800-Meter Run
2nd – Zandra Walton (2:24.42)
3rd – Mary Doris Reggie (2:26.21)
5th – Hoiwan Cheung (2:27.60)
18th – Jennifer Rybak (2:42.12)
Women's 1,000-Meter Run
3rd – Susan Wasserman (3:13.32)
11th – Lauren Benson (3:33.20)
Women's 3,000-Meter Run
1st – Liz Dalton (10:57.08)
2nd – Catherine Knuff (10:57.84)
Women's 5,000-Meter Run
4th – Christina Wong (19:35.63)
Women's 4x400-Meter Relay 
3rd – Amherst College 'A' (4:16.73)
6th – Amherst College 'B' (4:30.28)
Women's Distance Medley 
1st – Amherst College 'A' (12:57.01)
4th – Amherst College 'B' (13:36.63)

Women's High Jump
7th – Jenny Mancino (1.46m)
Women's Long Jump
6th – Susan Wasserman (4.76m)
8th – Jennifer Rybak (4.70m)
19th – Jenny Mancino (4.29m)
Women's Shot Put
24th – Jennifer Rybak (7.38m)
Men's 1-Mile Run
4th – Mike Harbus (4:25.65)
8th – John McGrail (4:28.90)
9th – Peter Harrison (4:34.36)
21st – Jack Seaver (4:53.61)
Men's 500-Meter Run
7th – Taylor Perkins (1:10.97)
9th – Ryan Drost (1:11.59)
14th – Keith Pendergrass (1:12.39)
16th – Steve Shashy (1:14.24)
Men's 800-Meter Run
3rd – Basile Beaty (2:00.89)
10th – Ben Read (2:08.53)
14th – Jack Seaver (2:16.23)
Men's 1,000-Meter Run
1st – Jimmy Swanson (2:37.17)
7th – Thomas Anderson (2:44.20)
Men's 3,000-Meter Run 
2nd – Peter Foote (9:03.22)
5th – Ben Mears (9:19.69)
9th – Will Fairhurst (9:40.57)
Men's 5,000-Meter Run 
9th – Travis Cohoon (16:39.91)
Men's 4x400-Meter Relay 
7th – Amherst College 'A' (3:47.95)
Men's Distance Medley 
3rd – Amherst College 'A' (10:48.39)
10th – Amherst College 'B' (11:19.29)