Indoor Track Takes Third, Sixth at Tufts Invitational

February 2, 2002 

MEDFORD, MA - The Amherst women's indoor track team took home a strong 88-point, third-place showing at the Tufts University Invitational on Saturday while the Amherst men notched a 52-point, sixth-place finish to round out the weekend. The host Jumbos edged out the women for second place, behind first-place Ithaca College. Tufts also grabbed second place on the men's side, falling just short of Springfield College's 152.50 points on the day. 

The highlights of the day for the women came from senior Rebecca Woo (Manchester, NH) and first-year Lee-Jay Henry (Springfield, MA). Woo took home a first-place finish in the 1000-meter run, crossing the line at 3:02.89. Henry, meanwhile, spread her talent over the field, taking second place in the long jump with 16-02.50, and following up with a third-place, 34-01.25 triple jump. First-year Carter Hamill (Richmond, VA) and junior Alyson Venti (Newton, MA) teamed up for a respective fourth and sixth place in the 1500 meter run, and first-year Kate Ferris (Newton, MA) contributed with an eighth-place finish in the 400-meter dash. Senior Amie Shei (Lexinton, MA) posted a second-place showing in the 500-meter run, before the trio of junior Laurel Kilgour (Clifton Park, NY), seniors Diana Rancourt (Lunenberg, NY) and Anne Perez (Chappaqua, NY) took second, fourth and sixth places in the 800-meter run. 

The Jeffs breathed easier following a dominant showing in the 3000-meter run. Four Amherst women took top-ten finishes. Seniors Molly Burnett (Norwich, CT), Emily Lobsenz (Fairfield, CT) and sophomore Erinn White (Watertown, CT) crossed the line in a pack for second through fourth places, respectively, while first-year Sarah DeGraaf (Langley, WA) came in just behind them for eighth place. The women ended their day in style, with a seventh-place finish in the 400-meter relay and second and third place showings in the distance medley. 

Senior Rusty Ryan (Marblehead, MA) started off the men's day with a boost, taking home the 5000-meter run win at 16:00.99. Junior Pat Hayes (E. Bridgewater, MA) notched fifth place in the 55-meter hurdles, and the 4x200-meter relay team ran to a seventh-place finish. First-year David Molina (Cleveland, OH) grabbed fourth place in the 1500-meter run, followed by another fourth place showing from sophomore Janak Chandrasoma (Pasadena, CA) in the 400-meter dash and a win from rookie Nathaniel Mahlberg (Madison, WI) in the 500-meter run. 

First-year Jack Morgan (Las Vegas, NV) and sophomore John Stanton-Geddes (Glendale, MO) gathered respective second and fourth place finishes in the 800-meter run, while first-years Matthew Katz (Newton, MA) and Zeke Phillips (Tallahassee, FL) grabbed sixth and seventh places for Amherst in the 3000-meter run. The 4x400-meter relay team notched a sixth-place finish, before the Jeff day ended on a high note, a first-place performance in the Distance Medley. 

On Saturday, the men and women will end their regular season at nearby Smith College, before setting their sights on Division III's, set to be held from February 15th to February 16th. 

Amherst Women's Top Finishers: 

400-meter run 
8) Kate Ferris - 1:04.60 

500-meter run 
2) Amie Shei - 1:21.67 

800-meter run 
2) Laurel Kilgour - 2:21.66 
4) Diana Rancourt - 2:23.34 
6) Anne Perez - 2:25.91 

1000-meter run 
1) Rebecca Woo - 3:02.89 
10) Marcie Griffith - 3:24.24 

1500-meter run 
4) Carter Hamill - 4:45.80 
6) Alyson Venti - 4:48.23 
17) Cecily Brewer - 5:09.02 

3000-meter run 
2) Molly Burnett - 10:37.19 
3) Emily Lobsenz - 10:58.33 
4) Erinn White - 10:43.71 
8) Sarah DeGraaf - 10:59.50 

4x400-meter relay 
7) Amherst College - 4:33.99 

Distance relay 
2) Amherst College 'A' - 9:53.08 
3) Amherst College 'B' - 12:37.99 

Long Jump 
2) Lee-Jay Henry - 4.94 m 
17) Helen Dole - 3.94m 

Triple Jump 
3) Lee-Jay Henry - 10.39 m 

Amherst Men's Top Finishers 

55-meter run 
10) Jay Wagstaff - 6.91 

200-meter run 
10) Eric Osborne - 24.14 

400-meter run 
4) Janak Chandrasoma - 51.94 

500-meter run 
5) Nathaniel Mahlberg - 1:09.43 
10) Brian Hart - 1:10.25 

800-meter run 
2) Jack Morgan - 1:58.01 
4) John Stanton-Geddes - 1:59.22 

1000-meter run 
9) Ben Kozyak - 2:41.10 

1500-meter run 
4) David Molina - 4:08.70 
10) Andrew Schneider - 4:21.22 

3000-meter run 
6) Matthew Katz - 9:13.83 
7) Zeke Phillips - 9:14.58 
12) Alex Lenkoski - 9:42.79 

5000-meter run 
10) Rusty Ryan - 16:00.99 

55-meter high hurdles 
5) Pat Hayes - 8.23 

4x200-meter relay 
7) Amherst College - 1:41.30 

4x400-meter relay 
6) Amherst College - 3:34.94 

Distance relay 
1) Amherst College - 10:26.80 

Long Jump 
11) Paul Whiting - 5.71 m 

Triple Jump 
10) Paul Whiting - 12.19 m 
13) Julius Nanna - 11.94 m 

Weight Throw 
21) Julian Gibson - 9.68 m