Ruderman Sweeps Diving Events at 2020 New England Regional

Ruderman Sweeps Diving Events at 2020 New England Regional

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Completing the sweep, junior diver Lindsey Ruderman '21 of Amherst College women's swimming and diving posted a first-place score of 487.45 on the 3-meter board at the 2020 NCAA Regional Diving Championship, hosted by Springfield College at Art Linkletter Natatorium.

Ruderman, who is fresh off a regional championship with a top-finish in the 1-meter competition yesterday, claimed the top-spot again with a score of 487.45 on the 3-meter, which was 17.05 points greater than second place finisher Blake Zhou of MIT (470.40).

Karlin, who notched sixth with a score of 428 on the 1-meter board yesterday, finished in the same spot with a score of 440.80 to conclude her first appearance in the regional championship.

Williams' Gabriella Mercier finished third with a score of 463.05, while Zhou's fellow Engineer, Deborah Wen, placed fourth with a score of 458.90.

The seven national qualifying divers for the upcoming NCAA Championships will be officially announced in the coming days by the organization.

Final Scores

1 487.45 Lindsey Ruderman (AMHC)
2 470.40 Blake Zhou (MIT)
3 463.05 Gabriella Mercier (WILL)
4 458.90 Deborah Wen (MIT)
5 451.40 Alaina Kosko (TUFU)
6 440.80 Hannah Karlin (AMHC)
7 437.40 Jessica Kugelman (RPIN)
8 435.75 Carmen White (NYU)
9 422.70 Lia Urban Spillane (TRIC)
10 409.25 Kathryn Murphy (MHC)
11 404.20 Samantha Nemivant (MHC)
12 394.30 Bailee Carey (SPRC)
13 393.55 Ashlyn Winship (NYU)
14 387.35 Katelin Du (MIT)
15 384.35 Amber Chong (TUFU)
16 376.55 Katherine Nardone (NYU)
17 364.55 Sydney Ho (TUFU)
18 360.25 Katherine Kolozsvari (MHC)
19 351.95 Shoshana Werblow (SMI)