Regional Champ! Ruderman Places First on 1-Meter Board at New England Regionals

Regional Champ! Ruderman Places First on 1-Meter Board at New England Regionals

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – In her third consecutive showing at the NCAA Regional Diving Championship, Lindsey Ruderman '21 finished first in the 1-meter competition on Friday evening at Art Linkletter Natatorium on the campus of Springfield College, securing her spot in the 2020 NCAA Championship.

The top three finishers in both diving events automatically qualify for the NCAA Championship.

Ruderman, who finished second in the same competition last year, noted her highest finish at the regional competition and punched her ticket to the NCAA Championship with a score of 482.90. Ruderman, the defending national champion in both diving events, topped the 21-diver field by 35 points or greater.

Hannah Karlin '22 made her first career appearance in the regional pool and posted a strong score of 428 to notch sixth place on the day.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) senior diver Blake Zhou posted a second place score of 447, while Gabriella Mercier finished third with a score of 436.40.

Qualifying for the 3-meter competition as well, Ruderman and Karlin will dive back into action tomorrow at 3 p.m. with warmups slated to commence at 1:45 p.m.

Final Scores

1 482.90 Lindsey Ruderman (AMHC)
2 447.00 Blake Zhou (MIT)
3 436.40 Gabriella Mercier (WILL)
4 435.40 Carmen White (NYU)
5 428.80 Deborah Wen (MIT)
6 428.00 Hannah Karlin (AMHC)
7 425.05 Emma Casey (WILL)
8 413.20 Amber Chong (TUFU)
9 412.95 Alaina Kosko (TUFU)
10 409.50 Jessica Kugelman (RPIN)
11 401.15 Bailee Carey (SPRC)
12 392.30 Katherine Nardone (NYU)
13 386.50 Samantha Nemivant (MHC)
14 381.95 Ashlyn Winship (NYU)
15 380.70 Lia Urban Spillane (TRIC)
16 373.80 Kathryn Murphy (MHC)
17 369.70 Katelin Du (MIT)
18 368.15 Sydney Ho (TUFU)
19 362.10 Katherine Kolozsvari (MHC)
20 355.50 Taylor Young (USCG)
21 333.85 Shoshana Werblow (SMI)

Saturday, February 29th
8:30 – 10:45a.m. Open Warm-up
1:45 – 2:45p.m.   Restricted Warm-up (Flight B: 1:45-2:15, Flight A 2:15-2:45)
2:45 – 3:00p.m.  Open Warm-up
3:00p.m.   Women's 3 meter competition