Hosts Off and Running at Amherst Women's Squash Invitational

AMHERST, MA - The 10th-ranked Amherst College women's squash team posted a pair of wins over 12th-ranked Middlebury College and 15th-ranked St. Lawrence University on Friday, before downing 26th-ranked Wesleyan University and falling to the seventh-ranked University of Pennsylvania on Saturday. All four matches were part of the three-day Amherst College Invitational Tournament, which concludes on Sunday. 

The host Jeffs improved to 7-3 after the four matches, and are scheduled to host 14th-ranked Colby College in the tournament-finale on Sunday. 

Friday, January 18, 2002 @ Amherst College - Davenport Courts (Amherst, MA) 
Amherst College 7 - Middlebury College 2 

1) Roopali Agarwal (Amh) def. S. Herrup (3-0) 
2) H. Haertel (Mid) def. Alexandra Gibbs (3-0) 
3) Liz Martin (Amh) def. E. Toan (default) 
4) Tara Kenney (Amh) def. A. Knappman (3-0) 
5) M.F. Ford (Amh) def. B. Seeley (3-1) 
6) Emily Stark (Amh) def. L. Franyo (3-2) 
7) L. Smith (Mid) def Lindsey Snyder (3-1) 
8) Cara Coscarelli (Amh) def. B. Cosgrove (3-1) 
9) Mary Alcaly (Amh) def. K. Ansten (3-0) 

Amherst College 6 - St. Lawrence College 3 

1) S. Kreiner (St. L) def. Roopali Agarwal (3-0) 
2) Alexandra Gibbs (Amh) def. G. Tuten (3-1) 
3) L. Kimble (St. L) def. Liz Martin (3-1) 
4) Tara Kenney (Amh) def. L. Anderson (3-2) 
5) M.F. Ford (Amh) def. C. Pierrepont (3-0) 
6) M. Hall (St. L) def. Emily Stark (3-1) 
7) Lindsey Snyder (Amh) def. W. Glawischnig (3-0) 
8) Cara Coscarelli (Amh) def. K. Gallagher (3-0) 
9) Mary Alcaly (Amh) def. J. Davie (3-0) 

Saturday, January 19, 2002 @ Amherst College - Davenport Courts (Amherst, MA) 
Amherst College 9 - Wesleyan University 0 

1) Susanna Burke (Amh) def. T. Dale 
2) Roopali Agarwal (Amh) def. S. Park 
3) Alexandra Gibbs (Amh) def. R. DeSouza 
4) Liz Martin (Amh) def. D. Guth 
5) Tara Kenney (Amh) def. L. Pearlman 
6) M.F. Ford (Amh) def. M. Roberts 
7) Emily Stark (Amh) def. M. Livingston 
8) Lindsey Snyder (Amh) def. B. Dwyer 
9) Cara Coscarelli (Amh) def. S. Pavel 

University of Pennsylvania 7 - Amherst College 2 

1) R. Reta (Penn) def. Susanna Burke (3-0) 
2) D. Wegner (Penn) def. Roopali Agarwal (3-0) 
3) R. Gupta (Penn) def. Alexandra Gibbs (3-0) 
4) Liz Martin (Amh) def. Q. Riley (3-0) 
5) K. Fetter (Penn) def. Tara Kenney (3-2) 
6) A. Black (Penn) def. M.F. Ford (3-1) 
7) Emily Stark (Amh) def. C. O'Neill (3-1) 
8) H. Yoon (Penn) def. Lindsey Snyder (3-2) 
9) C. O'Connor (Penn) def. Cara Coscarelli (3-1)