Princeton Defeats Amherst 8-1

Princeton won eight matches 3-0 to earn the Tigers' fourth win of the season. Elise O'Connell, Blair Irwin, Liz Kelly, Bebeth Schenk, Meghan Murphy, Sarah Wimmer, Eden Doniger and Sarah Pruitt all won their respective flights, No.s 2 through 9, for the Tigers.

Amherst co-captain Harriet Ells registered the lone Amherst victory, 3-0 over No. 1 Katherine Johnson.


Princeton (4-0)                8

Amherst (8-3)          1

No. Winner Defeated Score 1 A Harriet Ells P Katherine Johnson 3-0 2 P Elise O' Connell A Rachel Nisselson 3-0 3 P Blair Irwin A Justine O'Connor 3-0 4 P Liz Kelly A Sheila Reynolds 3-0 5 P Bebeth Schenk A Jacqueline Chen 3-0 6 P Meghan Murphy A Jess Green 3-0 7 P Sarah Wimmer A Carrie Goodwin 3-0 8 P Eden Doniger A Kim Karetsky 3-0 9 P Sarah Pruitt A Melinda Mahaffey 3-0