Men and Women Squash Tufts, 9-0

Both men's and women's squash defeated Tufts University 9-0 as Amherst betters their records to 2-0 for the season. Combined, the men's and women's teams have dropped a single game in four matches.

David Ford '97 blanked his opponent 15-0, 15-0, 15-0 at the No. 6 spot for the men. While Jackie Chen '97 returned from illness to defeat Missy Meo 3-1 for 6th flight women, No. 1 Harriet Ells '97 handily defeated Natsai Mandisodza 3-0 behind her backhand dropshot.

The next match for the Amherst women will be on January 3rd at the Betty Constable Tournament, held at Princeton University. The men will face Cornell on January 10th in Amherst.


Men's Results                                   Women's Results
1. A David McNeely d. T Farooq Abbasi, 3-0      1. A Harriet Ells d. T Natsai Mandisoza, 3-0
2. A Kevin Orphan d. T Churl-Hong Kim, 3-0      2. A Rachel Nisselsen d. T Lisa Kerr, 3-0
3. A Evan Khan d. T Peter Zimmerman, 3-0        3. A Page Callaghan d. T Christina Kim, d. 3-0
4. A Collin Bell d. T Thomas Cutler, 3-0        4. A Sheila Reynolds d. T Ahne Simonson, 3-0
5. A Stephen Seelbach d. T Silas Bleakley, 3-0  5. A Jess Green d. T Tatyana Miron, 3-0
6. A David Ford d. T Harris Rashid, 3-0         6. A Jackie Chen d. T Missy Meo, 3-1
7. A Andrew Snyder d. T Mike Schuster, 3-0      7. A Bevin Sell d. T Julie Rockett, 3-0
8. A Chris Herron d. T Shyam Shankar, 3-0       8. A Kim Karetsky d. T Heather Elias, 3-0
9. A Kunal Rakshit by default                   9. A Sarah Lipton d. T Miriam Sondheimer, 3-0