Lord Jeff Squash Teams Fall to Brown at Home

By Alex Kantor

January 23, 2007

AMHERST, MA – The Amherst College squash teams both dropped decisions to the visiting Bears of Brown University this afternoon at Davenport Courts on the Campus of Amherst College. The 7th ranked Brown women took a 9-0 win over the Lord Jeffs, while the Brown men squeaked out a 6-3 win over Amherst.

In the men's feature match, Amherst senior Auloke Mathur (Mumbai, India) played his first career match as a number one seed, facing Daniel Petrie (Cincinnati, OH) from Brown. Petrie won some early points, and took a commanding 5-0 lead in the first game, before Mathur dropped a smart shot deep into the back corner for his first point of the match. Mathur was only able to score two points in the first game, as Petrie finished off the frame 9-2. Petrie, a top-50 player in the U.S. had all he could handle in the 65th ranked Mathur, as the second game drew a large crowd at a 9-8 score, with Mathur eventually falling 10-9, and then 9-2.

In the men's second seed match-up, sophomore Drew Blacker (Summit, NJ) jumped out to an early lead over Ed Cerullo (Brooklyn, NY) taking the first seven points of game one in easy fashion. Blacker traded serves with Cerullo for a minute surrendering a lone point to the Brown #2 seed before polishing off the first game 9-1. Blacker, Amherst's regular in the number one spot, used a deft combination of soft drop shots and bullets down the wall to put away Cerullo.  Blacker needed considerably more time to take the second game from Cerullo, as he committed a number of unforced errors and was unable to capitalize early on his serves. Cerullo held a 6-4 lead in game two, before Blacker rolled off two straight winners to pull even. Blacker polished off game two 9-7 and eventually game three for a 3-0 victory.

In women's action, top seed Caroline Shannon (Hanover, NH) took Laura Pyne (Greenwich, CT) to four games before losing, and ultimately was the only Amherst women to take a game from the Brown squad.

After today's matches, the Amherst men drop to 3-5 on the year, while the Lord Jeff women fall to 3-6. The men's side returns to action this weekend when they travel to face Cornell on Friday Jan. 26th, 2007 at 5 p.m., while the women will play host to both Middlebury and Colby this weekend.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007 – Amherst College vs. Brown University – Amherst, MA

1) D. Petrie (B) def. A. Mathur (A) 3-0 (9-2, 10-9, 9-2)
2) D. Blacker (A) def. E. Cerullo (B) 3-0 (9-1, 9-7, 9-3)
3)  Rapisarda (A) def. A. Greenberg (B) 3-0 (9-4, 9-4, 9-6)
4) P. Haynes (B) def. S. Landesberg (A) 3-0 (10-8, 9-5, 9-6)
5) N. Whipple (B) def. P. Hatfield (A) 3-1 (9-6, [1-9], 9-5, 9-6)
6) P. Davis (B) def. G. Kalani 3-2 (9-4, [1-9], [0-9], 9-1, 9-3)
7) J. Winkler (B) def. McCready (A) 3-0 (9-2, 9-2. 9-6)
8) J. Giovinazza (A) def. M. Goldberg (B) 3-2 ([5-9], [4-9], 9-3, 9-0, 9-1)
9) A. Heitzmann (B) def. A. Slutsky (A) 3-2 ([2-9], 9-6, 9-4, [4-9], 9-7)

1) L. Pyne (B) def. C. Shannon (A) 3-1 ([9-6], 9-1, 10-8, 9-3)
2) C. Steele (B) def. E. O'Brien (A) 3-0 (9-4, 9-2, 9-7)
3) B. Haynes (B) def. L. Martin (A) 3-0 (9-3, 9-2, 9-7)
4) K. Schellenberg (B) def. A. Mantica (A) 3-0 (9-5, 9-1, 9-1)
5) K. Lew (B) def. S. Harper (A) 3-0 (9-2, 9-1, 9-1)
6) (B) def. D. Kirkwood (A) 3-0 (9-2, 9-7, 9-0)
7) C. MacMillan (B) def. M. Moulton (9-0, 9-0, 
8) S. Roberts (B) def. H. Nowak (A) 3-0 (9-1, 9-3, 9-0)
9) Amherst L. LaMontagne retires after first game due to injury.