Amherst Squash Splits with Tufts

December 7 , 2006

AMHERST, MA – The Amherst College men's and women's squash teams played a co-ed dual event this evening with NESCAC rival Tufts University at Davenport Courts on the campus of Amherst College. The match-up promised to be very exciting as it featured the nation's tenth and fifteenth men's teams, and nineteenth and twenty-third women's teams, as ranked by the latest CSA tables.

On the men's feature court, Amherst senior Auloke Mathur (Mumbai, India) ousted Jumbo John Subranni (Longport, NJ) in the number two spot, before Drew Blacker (Summit, NJ) took the court to best Tufts' Chris Delaney (Princeton, NJ). Mathur quickly grabbed a 6-1 lead in the first game, before a flurry of action let Subranni back into the game, at 6-5. Mathur was able to regain composure and take the first game 9-5. Mathur fell behind 3-0 in game two, before 6 quick points gave him a 6-3 lead, and momentum in the game. Mathur wrapped up game two 9-3, and then finished his night with a speedy 9-3 win in game three.

Delaney took a marathon game one over Blacker 9-6, after more than 30 minutes of non-stop action, but Blacker was able to rebound in game two with a 9-3 win. Blacker then jumped out to an early 6-0 lead in game three, before trading serves with Delaney, and dropping two points. Those were the only points Blacker would surrender in the game, closing out game three 9-2. Blacker fell down 0-2 in the fourth game, before re-gaining control and running away with a 9-2 win to seal the match.

On the women's top stage, senior co-captain Caroline Shannon (Hanover, NH) outlasted Rebecca Rice (St. Louis, MO) in the top seed match.  The win, was no walk in the park for Shannon, as she needed two straight games to win in five. Rice played well on the night, taking games one and three each by a score of 9-3. Shannon won game two 9-2, and facing a loss, down two games to one, rallied to win the final two games 9-5 and 9-4.

When Amherst's number two seeded player, Emily O'Brien (New Canaan) took the court to face Tufts' Julia Avrutin (Rye, NY) the Lord Jeffs were down six matches to one. A gutsy performance by O'Brien resulted in a one-sided win for the Lord Jeffs at the two spot. O'Brien put away Avrutin 9-4, 9-2, 9-0 in quick fashion.

Perhaps the most impressive performance of the evening was found in the three-seed match-up where senior Abby Mantica (Sewickley, PA) was knocked from the court following contact from Tufts' Victoria Barba (New York, NY). The match was tied one game apiece, with the score 7-7 in the third game, when Mantica was sent to have a cut on her chin closed up. Barba eventually fell in four games, but her teammates were no doubt inspired by her return to the court.

When the final scores were reported, the two top twenty-five programs split on the evening, with the Amherst men winning 9-0 and surrendering only two games, while the Tufts' women took down Amherst in an upset, 7-2.

Thursday, December 7, 2006 – Amherst College vs. Tufts University – Amherst, MA
1) Drew Blacker (A) def Chris Delaney (6-9; 9-3; 9-2; 9-2)
2) Auloke Mathur (A) def. John Subranni (9-5; 9-3; 9-3)
3) Stu Landesberg (A) def. Kris Leetavorn (9-7; 11-9; 9-2; 9-6)
4) Peter Hatfield (A) def. Dan Karlin (9-4; 9-3; 9-4)
5) Ben Bishop (A) def. Scott Leighton (9-2; 10-8; 9-3)
6) Andrew Kriete (A) def. Max Dalury (9-3; 9-3, 9-0)
7) Andrew Slutsky (A) def. David Linz (9-1; 9-1; 9-0)
8) Goutam Kalani (A) def. Joshua Levinson (9-0; 9-1, 9-3)
9) Jerome Giovinazzo (A) def. Chris Martin (9-3; 9-3; 9-0)

1) Caroline Shannon (A) def. Rebecca Rice (3-9; 9-2; 3-9; 9-5; 9-4)
2) Emily O'Brien (A) def.  Julia Avrutin (9-4; 9-2; 9-0)
3) Vicotria Barba (T)def . (9-4; 9-6; 7-9; 9-3)
4) Stefanie Marx (T) def. Sarah Harper (6-9 9-1; 9-2; 1-9; 9-7)
5) Liz Thys (T) def. Di Kirkwood (9-1; 9-3; 9-8)
6) Jessica Hermann (T) def. Melissa Moulton (9-0; 9-2; 9-0)
7) Micela Leis (T) def. Heather Nowak (9-4; 9-2; 9-1)
8) Katherine Stork (T) def. Hannah Merves (9-2; 9-4; 9-1)
9) Simone Grant (T) def. Emery Sweeney (9-6; 9-6; 9-4)