Prospective Student-Athlete Form

All prospective student-athletes interested in attending NESCAC schools should review the NESCAC Statement of Common Admission Practices and the NESCAC Factors in Admission Decisions before proceeding. 

Please fill out the admission mailing list form. Upon submission, the student-athlete form will be accessible. 

This form is not an official College application and will not be used by the Admission Office. The information you provide is not encrypted and could be viewed by others. The coaching staff at Amherst College will use the information to help assess prospective student-athletes. Amherst College will not consider completed forms part of an educational record should you consider applying to and/or enrolling at Amherst. NCAA rules prohibit coaches from contacting freshmen and sophomores in high school.

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in applying for admission to Amherst College as a first-year, transfer or visiting student, please visit the website of the Admission Office for information on the application process.