NESCAC Factors in Admission Decisions

The following information is provided by the deans and directors of admission at NESCAC colleges to help prospective student athletes understand some of the factors involved in admission decisions at our institutions. 

Factors in Admission Decisions         

All NESCAC member colleges enroll students who will enhance and enjoy the intellectual, social, and extracurricular communities our campuses provide.  We seek students who are interested in the wide range of rigorous intellectual experiences offered, and value the role that extra-curricular activities, such as music, debate, theater, political action, and athletics, play on campus.  In addition, NESCAC member colleges are committed to racial, ethnic, socio-economic, and geographical diversity. 

Differences in Evaluation
Despite our common goals in creating a campus community, the ways by which NESCAC colleges recruit, admit, and enroll students vary both by institution and over time.  Each NESCAC member college maintains its own set of practices to select a class.  Differences are reflected in how applications are read, which application materials are weighed most heavily, and even what information is used in the selection process. 

Standardized Tests
NESCAC member colleges vary in terms of which standardized tests, if any, are required of applicants, and how the results are evaluated.  It is important to understand and fulfill the specific requirements of each NESCAC school to which you apply. 

Institutional Priorities
In any given year, NESCAC member colleges will have institution-specific goals for the incoming class, goals such as increasing the number of majors in a particular discipline, adding diversity, or creating gender balance.

Financial Aid Considerations
Some NESCAC colleges are completely ‘need-blind' in their admission practices, making all decisions without regard to the amount of financial assistance a student may require.  Others are ‘need-sensitive' in the selection process, factoring student aid needs into some of their decisions.  Some NESCAC colleges award financial aid strictly on the basis of financial need and pledge to meet each student's demonstrated financial need.  Others award a variety of merit-based scholarships based on their evaluation of a student's academic accomplishment and potential.  No NESCAC college, as a NCAA Division III member, offers athletic scholarships of any kind.

The Coach's Role
While admission decisions are made exclusively by the admission committee, the coach's assessment of the athletic ability and potential contribution of each candidate is considered.  Be aware that coaches at different colleges may evaluate the same student-athlete's ability differently.  Positional considerations may also lead to different assessments of an applicant's value to a team. 

It is important to remember that this is a college admission process with an athletic component, not an athletic recruiting process that comes with the opportunity to attend college.  NESCAC coaches actively identify and recruit student-athletes and act as advocates for them; but no coach at any NESCAC college has the authority to offer, promise, or otherwise guarantee a spot in the incoming class to any recruited student-athlete.