Looking for 1,000 New "Likes" and "Follows"!

Looking for 1,000 New "Likes" and "Follows"!

Friends of Amherst Athletics Invites You To "Like" and "Follow" Amherst Athletics in 2016-17

Increasingly, more and more alumni and parents of current students are seeking news and information about Amherst Athletics, teams, and individual student-athletes through social media. Working closely together, Amherst's Department of Athletic Communications, Department of Athletics, and many individual team coaches and staff continue to make investments in social media platforms to convey sports-related information to the Amherst College community celebrating the accomplishments of our student-athletes and coaches in a timely, and easy to view format.

Join thousands of alumni, parents, and others, and click on the icons provided below (using your mobile device or computer) for the department/team news of most interest to you and immediately become connected. Get others connected - send links to your classmates, teammates, and friends.

Mike Wohl '07, an Alumni Representative on the Executive Committee of the Friends of Amherst Athletics and a known uber-user of social media, commented:

"Each of us has our preference for how and when we choose to get our Amherst sports information. In my case, I subscribe to many email list-serves from the SID and also love following my favorite teams on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The various social media platforms provide a real-time way to share excitement and joy around Amherst sports and, most importantly, to continue to feel 'connected' to the teams, coaches, and other alumni that like and comment on the posts. Many times, a post will prompt me to reach out to a former teammate, coach, or current student-athlete with a congratulatory or supportive note. We tell alumni and parents that the Friends of Amherst Athletics, in its simplest form, is all about building a group of people with ideals of engagement, support, and community around Amherst Athletics. Social media is a great tool people can use to learn more about and grow their interest in Amherst Athletics and, as a consequence, we're hopeful that they'll also wish to be one of the many "Friends" of Amherst Athletics through which important financial support is directed to Amherst Athletics."

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Note: In instances when a team is presently not providing a team-specific Twitter, Facebook, Instagram platform, the icon shown connects to the corresponding platform provided by the Department of Athletic Communications which covers all team programs. 

Not yet a member of the Friends of Amherst Athletics for the 2017-18 year? Please consider joining or renewing your FAA membership today and supporting Amherst Athletics. Go Amherst!