The Amherst SAAC provides a voice for student-athletes, promotes communication between student-athletes and the administration, builds a sense of community within athletics and between athletics and the larger Amherst community, organizes community engagement efforts, and promotes a positive student-athlete image on campus.


SAAC Initiatives:


Together We Are Amherst  

“Together We Are Amherst” is an initiative to promote unity and pride among students, faculty, and staff at Amherst.  As part of the “Together We Are Amherst” initiative, SAAC strives to unite and celebrate the Amherst College community through various activities, including promoting different events across campus, sponsoring study breaks, and organizing “Together We Are Amherst” giveaways. 

SAAC Game Days 

Through its SAAC Game Day initiative, SAAC strives to highlight one game/match/meet for each varsity sport.  As part of SAAC Game Day, SAAC promotes the event through social media, has a presence at the event, and facilitates giveaways, raffles, contests, etc. during the event.  


Community Engagement  

Each varsity team designates one SAAC representative to participate on the community engagement committee.  That representative works to organize their team’s involvement in community engagement efforts.




Each year, as part of NCAA DIII Week, SAAC spearheads a community engagement initiative.  Last year, SAAC organized a clothing drive for Craig’s Doors – a local nonprofit organization that is committed to helping people to find ways to become empowered to improve the quality of their lives through the creation of safe, respectful shelter and housing.