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Amherst College was one of the first educational institutions to recognize the benefits of systematic exercise of the body as a complement to the education of the mind. The college established the Department of Physical Education and Hygiene in 1861 and appointed Edward “Doc’ Hitchcock, M.D. (AC 1849) to be its head. It was the first department of its kind in the country. Proudly, for over 150 years and to the present day, Amherst has continued to be recognized for its philosophy rooted in an emphasis on the all-around development of the student-athlete and competition -- whether intercollegiate, club, or intramural -- that is a vibrant part of campus life and tradition.

Friends of Amherst Athletics (the “FAA”)
is an organization whose aim, working closely with the College’s athletics department, is to enrich the experience around Amherst athletics for the College’s alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends  -- through avenues of engagement, support, and community.

Working closely with the college’s Alumni and Parent Programs Office, the FAA gets the word out to these groups of supporters about upcoming key games, matches or contests – whether occurring in the Pioneer Valley or in other areas of the country. The FAA encourages support of our coaches and student-athletes at these venues and oftentimes hosts events in conjunction with the games to bring together former teammates, classmates, parents, and friends.

The FAA seeks to provide, through your and others’ memberships, additional and important financial support for the athletics department and its programs/teams --- supplementing the department’s operating budget -- to help ensure that the department has all the resources it needs to provide a high quality student-athlete experience.

The FAA also seeks to foster a community of shared helpfulness across the broader Amherst campus and, among other student -related activities, sponsors mentoring/educational events.

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We remain grateful for all your past support whether as a fan cheering your favorite Amherst teams in person or viewing a game on Northeast Sports Network, mentoring a current student-athlete, or as a member of the Friends of Amherst Athletics. We tip our caps to you—alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends—who so proudly and loyally support the special and enduring Amherst student-athlete experience.

Go Amherst!

With warmest regards and appreciation,

Rick Murphy ’73, P’07 Don Faulstick P'20
David Hixon ’75
President  Director of Athletics   Sr. Associate Director of Athletics
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Alumni Representatives on the Executive Committee of the Friends of Amherst Athletics

Rylan Burns '09 Mike Pohorylo '04
Sean Clancy '78, P'09, '15
John Priesing '50
Danielle (Williams) Kowalski '03     Brian Schactman '94
Molly Auth Manning '97 Jeff Simpson '84
Jesse Mark '96 Bill Vickery '57
Mayo Noerdlinger '89, P'17 Mike Wohl '07
Christina Novicki '94 David Wray, Jr. '78, P'11
Bill O’Malley '84, P'11, '14, '18