Amherst College Athletic Communications

Phone Email
Chris Attwood Director of Athletic Communications
  Contact for Men's and Women's Basketball, Football, Men's and Women's Golf, Men's & Women's Lacrosse, Men's & Women's Squash, Volleyball    
Melissa Martin '15 Athletic Communications Assistant

  Contact for Baseball, Men's and Women's Ice Hockey, Men's Soccer, Field Hockey, Men's and Women's Tennis, Men's & Women's Cross Country
Kate Brownell Athletic Communications Associate
  Contact for Men's and Women's Track & Field, Women's Soccer, Softball, Men's and Women's Swimming & Diving    


Athletic Communications Mailing Address:
79 South Pleasant Street Suite 300
Amherst, MA 01002-5000 


Members of the media interested in contacting any student athlete, coach or college representative are required to contact Director of Athletic Communications Chris Attwood by email or phone during regular business hours.

Media members may also contact the Director of Athletic Communications by cell phone after hours.

Media may not contact student athletes, coaches or college representatives without prior approval of the office of athletic communication.



Athletics Logo JPEG EPS GIF
    Fall Sports  
Men's Cross Country 2016 Word
Women's Cross Country 2016 Word
Field Hockey 2016 Word SRO
Football 2016 Num/Alpha FRO/FRX
Men's Golf 2016-17 Word  
Women's Golf 2016-17 Word  
Men's Soccer 2016 Word SRO
Women's Soccer 2016 Word SRO
Men's Tennis 2016-17 Word XTR
Women's Tennis 2016-17 Word XTR
Volleyball 2016 Word VRO
    Winter Sports  
Men's Basketball  2016-17
Word BRO 
Women's Basketball  2016-17 Word  BRO 
Men's Ice Hockey 2016-17 Word  HRO 
Women's Ice Hockey 2016-17 Word  HRO 
Men's Indoor Track & Field 2016-17 Word   
Women's Indoor Track & Field 2016-17 Word   
Men's Squash 2016-17 Word XTR 
Women's Squash 2016-17 Word XTR
Men's Swimming & Diving 2016-17 Word   
Women's Swimming & Diving 2016-17 Word  
    Spring Sports   
Baseball  2017
Word  TRO/TRX 
Men's Golf  2016-17 Word
Women's Golf  2016-17 Word
Men's Lacrosse  2017
Word  CRO 
Women's Lacrosse  2017 Word  CRO 
Men's Outdoor Track & Field  2017
Women's Outdoor Track & Field  2017
Softball  2017 Word  TRO/TRX 
Men's Tennis  2016-17 Word  XTR
Women's Tennis  2016-17 Word XTR