What Does BRAVE Mean to You? - Futures Welcome BRAVE Enterprises

What Does BRAVE Mean to You? - Futures Welcome BRAVE Enterprises

Sunday, September 23rdmarked the first event for the Futures program. With great enthusiasm we welcomed BRAVE Enterprises to Amherst College! 

 BRAVE Enterprises is an organization dedicated to studying bravery and the emotional fears that hold people back from doing the things that scare them. Built on 15 years of experience, BRAVE gets to the real base of insecurity, fear, grit, resilience, and bravery. 

 Joining us from the organization as facilitators of the workshop were Crista Samaras and Jasmine Docal. Crista, the CEO of BRAVE Enterprises, is a graduate of Princeton University where she was an outstanding lacrosse player. Additionally, Crista was on the US Women’s Lacrosse Team from 1995-2007 where she competed in both the 2001 and 2005 World Cup Games winning Gold and Silver medals. Crista coached before starting her own lacrosse companies in 2004 that focused on empowering female players. Since then she has coached thousands of junior women, which convinced her of the need for Bravery Training, not just for young women, but for everyone.

 Jasmine, or better known as Jasi, graduated from Northwestern University in 2017 with a degree in Human Development and Psychological Services. While at Northwestern, Jasi was a Division One lacrosse player and graduated with a Certificate in Leadership. She was one of the many fortunate athletes to be coached by Crista. 

 Crista and Jasi joined the Futures program for a total of four hours on Sunday. The student-athletes were split into genders: female student-athletes for the first hour and a half, and the male student athletes for the last hour and a half both receiving the same workshop. The time in between each session was scheduled for the coaches to learn how to implement BRAVE tactics into their teams. 

 The workshop kicked off with a highly energetic introduction where the student-athletes had to shed their shells and learn to lead from within. This was called the Breakdown Cheer, which was used as a way to gage where the group was regarding participation, willingness to add energy, and be physically expressive. After this cheer, Crista shared with the group their main goal of the workshop: the BRAVE Pitch. 

 The BRAVE Pitch is a seven-line mantra to motivate and inspire authentic intra- and interpersonal communication. Included in this pitch are: 

  • Name and life inventory - year and place, as opportunity to make bold choice on experiences that inform others of who one is (lines 1-3)
  • “I am” statements – representing existing and pronounced characteristics that tell and accurate story (lines 4-6)
  • BE word – self-motivating word intended to be a reminder and push against resistance, fear, or other barriers (line 7)

 To help the student-athletes get to their BRAVE Pitch, Crista and Jasi led the student-athletes through a series of exercises that included identifying fears, understanding the true definition of bravery, goal setting, determining underdog qualities, the difference between growth and fixed mindsets, and pinpointing one’s purpose. 

As highlighted in the workshop, bravery is defined as, “Persistence or perseverance despite having fear,” (Norton & Weiss, 2009). Crista and Jasi travel all around the country working with individuals to uncover their BRAVE potential. We are so honored to have had BRAVE Enterprises as a means to help our student-athletes identify individual and original leadership characteristics unique to their personalities.

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