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FYI Program Takes Part in Staple Event "Ready to Role"

FYI Program Takes Part in Staple Event "Ready to Role"

The First-Years took part I their second event of the semester and it is a staple event called “Ready to Role”. Ready to Role emphasizes the importance of learning and understanding what your role is going to be and embracing that role to aid in the success.


The First-Years were first broken up into groups and then tasked with the egg-drop challenge however, 5 distinct roles were put into play to make it more challenging. The concept of Ready to Role is, as a group, having 12 minutes to construct an apparatus that will protect an egg from being dropped.


The five distinct roles that groups had to abide by were:

  • “Followers”: Blindfolded and were the only ones who could touch the materials
  • “Leader by example”: 2 people who were only able to act out what they wish to portray to their teammates
  • “Vocal Leaders”: 2 people who could only vocally give directions to the followers but were not able to touch any materials
  • “Encouragers”: Brought the energy, encouraged teammates
  • “Observer”: took notes on all roles noting what worked and what didn’t


Halfway through the allotted time of twelve minutes, group members had to switch roles. Following egg-drop groups reported out on what worked and what didn’t as well as any challenges faced and how they can take this activity and implement transferrable skills. Takeaways for the egg-drop challenge are meant to be easily transferrable for practice within their teams and, in addition, it is to reveal that although you are a First-Year, you can still make an impact that will positively benefit your teams. Ready to Role hones in on the importance of taking pride in whatever your role is, being the best you can be at whatever role you take on, become aware of what different roles look like, no everyone plays the same role and teams benefit from having a wide variety of roles filled. The lasting message is good teammates find and play a role on the team no matter what talent level.


Following the activity, guest speaker and professional women’s soccer player, Angela Salem, spoke to the group about her career and how she embraced the many roles she was asked to take on. Salem, who is also currently an assistant coach for Springfield Women’s Soccer, spoke to the valuable lessons that she has learned throughout her career. Salem spoke to the challenges that she faced and how her willingness to succeed and better herself every day, even though it was challenging at times, has ultimately made her who she is today. While Salem has not had the most storied career, everything that she shed light on emphasized knowing how to grow and how experiences, no matter how difficult, can make you better. Salem has mad a lasting impact on her teammates and has ultimately earned the respect of her coaches and teammates alike.


Salem harped on recognizing the transferrable skills of being a student-athlete, learning to become more self-aware, finding your identity within a team and finding it quickly, embracing new roles because it could stick or at least be a learning experience and finally understanding that you can’t control everything so focus on what you can control and your response to the uncontrollable. Salem’s career in soccer has taught her valuable lessons and she was able to relay many of those lessons to the group. All in all, Ready-to-Role was a successful evening!

What’s next for LEADS? Captains second event on October 30th!