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Shep Perkins '93 Joins Students for Connection Dinner

Shep Perkins '93 Joins Students for Connection Dinner

Amherst LEADS hosted the fourth ever Connection Dinner at Johnny’s Tavern in Amherst, MA on Tuesday, October 24th. Connection Dinners have become a staple a staple event for Amherst LEADS and will now hopefully be occurring 2-3 time per semester.


The goal of the dinner is to bring a group of Amherst College students together; athletes and non-athletes as well as a handful of staff and faculty. In addition, LEADS works to identify a guest to come in a facilitate a discussion based on a topic/article of their choice. The guest could be a well-known professor an alum or college trustee.


For this particular dinner, Mr. Shep Perkins ’93, who is Co-Head of equities at Putnam Investments in Boston, was the guest for the evening. Prior to the evening, Shep sent along an article for the students to look over that would prompt the discussion. The article focused on a variety of relevant information that would aid in the discussion; technology, important skills to learn, keys to success, and managing attention. Conversation around the table was ongoing and it was a good opportunity for students to share their thoughts and opinions. The Connection Dinner provides a unique opportunity and platform for students who again, may not know each other, to learn new perspectives and connect on a different level. Students spoke to their own experiences and were not afraid to state their opinion on matters.


Amherst College is a special place, and in hopes to build community and strengthen ties across campus, the Connection Dinner gives students and staff an opportunity for that. Also joining the group was Professor of Psychology Matthew Schulkind, Coach Sue Everden, Athletic Director Faulstick and Coach Serpone.


With engaging conversation and good food, there isn’t much that’s not to like during Connection Dinners. Students are engaged for the duration and hopefully leave with some new information and a new sense of admiration for the students, staff and alumni that have made Amherst College one of a kind.