Dr. Rafael Campo '87 Joins Students for Discussion Based Connection Dinner

Dr. Rafael Campo '87 Joins Students for Discussion Based Connection Dinner

The fifth Connection Dinner took place on Thursday, November 9th at Bistro 63 restaurant. A group of twenty individuals associated with Amherst College; students, professors, staff and alum joined in on the conversation.


The connection dinner is an event built specifically to bring a group of eclectic people together to speak about pertinent subjects and hear from one another gaining perspective and knowledge along the way.


Dr. Rafael Campo ’87 was the special guest for the evening. Campo is an Amherst College Trustee and currently the Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, the Director of Office of Multicultural Affairs at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and a poet. Campo opened up the evening with divulging his background and experiences while at Amherst and how they led to where he is now. This set the stage for students to ask open ended questions and gain perspective from everyone at the table. All students shared insight to their experiences as a student at such an intellectually challenging and thought provoking institution.


Students shared what their majors are, plans for the future and the pride they feel being a part of a community that is not only diverse in population but diverse in drive, ambition and thought. Questions that were fielded ranged from business, to medicine to improvements and findings in different fields.


Students were able to have fun side conversations as well which made for a very enjoyable evening. It is our hope that everyone walked away from the dinner learning a little something new and also knowing someone new. The idea of the connection dinner is meant to be taken and implemented on campus; always looking for opportunities to meet new people and learn new perspectives from others.


LEADS is looking forward to continuing with Connection Dinners in the Spring of 2018.