Amherst LEADS

Leadership. Teamwork. Commitment. Dedication.

Educating Amherst College Student-Athletes in the Classroom of Athletics. 

Leadership On and Off the Field

Amherst LEADS is a leadership development program that provides a comprehensive and educational view of leadership that can be used both during and after a student-athlete’s experience at Amherst. The rigorous curriculum unites the organic leadership inherent in competitive sports with the Amherst-wide philosophy of conscious, strategic skill building. The program features a variety of symposia, workshops, speakers and interactive experiences to educate the College’s student-athletes about becoming strong, ethical and influential leaders.

Leaders On Campus

Student-athletes are leaders, whether they recognize it or not; the decisions they make reflect on themselves, their teams and the College. Amherst LEADS instills an awareness of that leadership role, establishing a higher level of accountability for every student-athlete. We ask our student-athletes to be exemplary Amherst College citizens no matter the setting: in the classroom, on the playing field, or in the community.

Leaders Beyond Campus

Encouraging students to lead principled "lives of consequence" is at the heart of the Amherst College mission. Amherst LEADS upholds this tradition by providing our student-athletes with leadership skills that will extend beyond graduation, creating the next generation of remarkable leaders. Through Amherst LEADS, student-athletes find their strengths and their voices, on and off the field, so that their athletic experiences can enrich their futures. Amherst LEADS does not just build better athletes - it builds better people.

Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders

  • EXPERIENCE. Amherst LEADS provides interactive workshops where student-athletes learn real-world leadership lessons which they can put to the test in the laboratory of their team.
  • EXPOSURE. Amherst LEADS connects student-athletes to influential and inspiring leaders, from athletic champions to business and social innovators through a guest lecture series.
  • CAMARADERIE. Amherst LEADS brings together student-athletes from all teams to build leadership skills and share leadership successes, challenges and ideas.
  • EMPOWERMENT. Amherst LEADS teaches student-athletes leadership theory, and also challenges them to step up to the plate to actually lead.