Amherst Athletics to Partner with NCAA to Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion

Amherst Athletics to Partner with NCAA to Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion

AMHERST, Mass. -- This week, Amherst College athletics is partnering with the NCAA for the second-annual Diversity and Inclusion Social Media campaign!

This four-day campaign, which will be conducted Tuesday, Oct.  22  to Friday, Oct. 25,  is presented by the NCAA Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee and the national Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

Over the course of the next four days, members of the campus athletics and general community will be taking over our Instagram account, @amherstmammoths, to show the world the importance of diversity and inclusion to their Amherst College experience.

The four-day campaign has the following themes:

  • Day 1 (Tuesday, Oct. 22) — "This is Who We Are": exploring           student-athletes' core values and multiple identities.
  • Day 2 (Wednesday, Oct. 23) — "Broadening Our Horizons": creating connections across campus  and highlighting diverse friendships,        mentors and role models.
  • Day 3 (Thursday, Oct. 24)  "Better Together": showcasing the      strengths and diversity of your campus or conference community.
  • Day 4 (Friday, Oct. 25)  "Taking Action": outlining personal action      steps for inclusive excellence.

The week serves as a prime opportunity for student-athletes, administrators, coaches and fans across the county to use their platform to engage in a discussion on and to promote diversity and inclusion. Like last year, the goal of this campaign is to use social media to create a dialogue on diversity and inclusion and to communicate the benefit of inclusive environments to the student-athlete experience. 
Please visit the  Diversity and Inclusion campaign webpage to access a variety of resources and strategies that will help you make this year's campaign a success on your campus using the campaign's exclusive hashtag — #NCAAInclusion
Last year's campaign created a national dialogue on diversity and inclusion, generating more than 25,000 posts and reaching more than 64 million people on Twitter alone. At the height of the campaign, the hashtag — #NCAAInclusion — trended No. 8 nationwide. 

The campaign was a great testimony to the powerful voices of student-athletes as agents for inclusive excellence, and we look forward to strengthening the student-athlete voice and continuing this important dialogue.