Digital Season Programs to Launch for 2018-19

Digital Season Programs to Launch for 2018-19

Digital Programs Landing Page

AMHERST, Mass. – Starting this fall, Amherst Mammoths fans will have the opportunity to help work towards a greener campus community while also getting more information on their favorite teams.

Each of the 27 sports at Amherst College will now have a season-long program available in digital form, updated with the latest information for each home game day.

The programs will include photos and info about each of the student-athletes, a season preview, information about Amherst College and the athletic department, and every game program from the current season, starting with that day's program for reference on the sidelines.

One-sheet paper versions of the programs will still be available at all sites of competition, but those who are able are encouraged to access the digital programs on their mobile devices by going to the landing page:

"This is a fantastic initiative that has two very strong benefits," said Director of Athletic Communications Craig Kaufman. "We are enhancing the coverage of our teams by providing fans a more comprehensive season-long yearbook. At the same time, we are putting the infrastructure in place to determine if the move towards digital programs will work at Amherst College."

The season yearbooks will also serve as recruiting pieces for each of the programs and as souvenir collectibles for the student-athletes and their families.