Keeping Up With the Mammoths: Week 7

Keeping Up With the Mammoths: Week 7

Amherst, Mass. -- After a week off, we are back with another edition of Keeping Up With the Mammoths: How Student-Athletes are staying busy this summer. This week, a member of Amherst's club crew team weighs in, as does a junior from the track and field squad.


Teddy Shirley, Senior, Crew (Club), Mamaroneck, N.Y.

This summer I worked as an intern at the Advanced Studies Program at the St. Paul's School in New Hampshire. As an intern, I had multiple different jobs which kept me busy all day! I was a TA for an English class called Forbidden Fictions in which we read 7 different books that had/have been banned in the U.S and looked into book censorship as a whole and why certain books are seen as problematic while others are not. Even though I am not an English major, I really enjoyed diving back into literature and using my knowledge of psychology to help my analysis of books. Another part of my job was essentially being a "dorm mom" for 27 girls. The last part of my job and probably my favorite was being a coach for crew. I loved being on the other side of the sport and really getting to watch my students get so much better everyday! After a hard year with concussion problems, it was really nice to be reminded of why I love the sport so much! 


Brad Besson, Junior, Track and Field, Sharon, Mass. 

I interned at Guggenheim Securities in their investment banking division in New York. As a ljst (Law, Jurispredence and Social Thought) major, it provided a fantastic opportunity for me to learn the fundamentals of accounting and finance while gaining exposure to various industry and product groups. At one point in the summer, I was staffed on a live deal that required me to work 16 - 18 hour days and while it was grueling at times, it was an invaluable experience that reinforced my interest in finance. With that being said, Guggenheim did a great job at balancing work with play as I attended many intern social events including sailing, golf and even concerts at Madison Square Garden. I can truly say this has been one of the most fulfilling summers of my life.