Keeping Up with the Mammoths: Week 6

Keeping Up with the Mammoths: Week 6

AMHERST, Mass. -- Our final featured student-athletes in the month of July come from our field hockey and men's tennis teams! Hear how one has been making a difference in the Midwest, and the other is taking a leap across the country!


Debbie Newmark, Senior, Field Hockey, Glencoe, IL

"I'm working as the 1st and 2nd grade teacher at a migrant day school program in northern Michigan. This region of MI produces 75% of net cherries in the U.S. so many migrant families come from Florida, Texas and Mexico for the summer. My job is to ready kids for the upcoming school year and I try to make a nurturing and safe environment, especially in lieu of everything going on right now for the migrant community in this country."

Oliver Kendall, Senior, Men's Tennis, Newton, MA 

"This summer, I'm working at PayPal on the North America Pricing Team at their headquarters in San Jose, California. PayPal is a leading fintech firm looking to democratize financial services, a mission which they aim to complete along with the smaller companies they own such as Venmo, Braintree, iZettle, and others. After spending last summer working in a much more corporate environment, I decided this summer I wanted to work on the business/finance side of a tech company in Silicon Valley – a decision I absolutely don't regret! As a Pricing Intern, I have had a range of small and large projects, the biggest of which has been the creation of a pricing calculator for both my colleagues in pricing and the sales teams at various other offices to use when onboarding new merchants to our platform. As a mathematics major, a big carry over from the classroom to the work environment has been my ability to problem solve – an important quality to have at work! I've absolutely loved my experience thus far at PayPal, and I've enjoyed learning about the payments industry, how all of the finance teams work together, and how a massive company functions as a whole!"