Keeping Up With the Mammoths: Week 5

Keeping Up With the Mammoths: Week 5

AMHERST, Mass. -- Two rising seniors gave us the lowdown on their work this summer, with one in the laboratory side of research and the other on the corporate sustainability end of things.

Christina Scartelli, Senior, Women's Track and Field, Bethlehem, PA

This summer I'm working in the labs at Sanofi Pasteur, which is the vaccines branch of the pharmaceutical company Sanofi. After spending last summer doing clinical research at a hospital in Boston, I wanted to explore the laboratory side of research. I am working on the Innovation and Technology team in the Global Clinical Immunology department, which works on developing and optimizing immunological assays that help assess the quality of vaccines. Working in a lab has been very useful for tying together everything I've learned in my lab classes. So far I've gotten a lot of really cool experience! The only downside has been the challenge to stay hydrated since I can't have food or water near the labs!


Bobby Shogren, Senior, Men's Swimming and Diving, Minneapolis, Minn.

I'm working for the office of Corporate Sustainability at Ecolab, a large chemical and energy company based out of St. Paul, Minnesota. I am an economics and environmental studies major, so this experience was a special opportunity to learn about how businesses and the environment can support each other. Ecolab has been working to establish itself as a thought leader in sustainability, particularly when it comes to water. I am working to develop an educational platform that shows companies from a wide variety of industries how they can conserve water in every part of their operations. I'm also doing financial and environmental analysis of various Ecolab products to identify the environmental savings Ecolab provides to suppliers and customers up and down the value chain. I have had a fantastic experience so far, and have loved learning how such a large company has been able to incorporate sustainability into its business practices and used the subsequent environmental savings to drive new growth. I plan to carry what I have learned into research on campus this fall, and hopefully in the work I do after Amherst.