Keeping Up with the Mammoths: Week 2

Keeping Up with the Mammoths: Week 2

AMHERST, Mass. -- In the second installment of our summer series, we catch up with a pair of California natives who are working on the West Coast in the fields of Speech Pathology and state politics.

Kyra Naftel, Senior, Santa Clarita, California, Softball

I'm an intern at The Learning Grove Speech-Language Pathology clinic, in Reseda, California. I'm doing this internship because I've decided to pursue a career as a speech therapist. Effective communication has many benefits, such as allowing people to express themselves and form better interpersonal relationships. Speech therapy is not only about the production of words or sentences, but also about comprehension, and therefore therapists help clients better understand and interact with the world around them. I feel that by becoming a speech therapist I can make a difference in people's lives. My favorite part of my internship is that children build social skills and learn through play, so some clinical sessions can be spent monitoring speech patterns while playing Candyland, cars, or something similar. It's fun to play games with the kids, and also intriguing to see how they grow and develop through these interactions. I was able to get a stipend through the Loeb Center which allowed me to accept this unpaid position.  

Sasha Savitsky, Junior, Malibu, California, Women's Soccer, NESCAC SAAC Representative

This summer I am interning for the district office of Senator Ben Allen in Redondo Beach, CA. State Senator Ben Allen represents the 26th district of California which consists of the Westside, Hollywood and coastal South Bay communities of Los Angeles County. At Amherst I study political science and Spanish so this internship has been an incredible opportunity. I am not only gaining a deeper understanding of the intricacies of government but also learning to appreciate all of the hard work that goes into generating change at the state level. Some days I am in the office answering phones, opening cases for constituents, or researching editorials written about state issues whereas others I am out in the field canvassing for issues our office believes in or helping run events such as the LA Pride Parade in West Hollywood.